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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is lacrosse season?
Lacrosse is a spring sport. NCLA has recreational teams for boys and girls. The girls recreational teams participate in the North Carolina Girls Lacrosse League (NCGLL). During the off season, NCLA offers other opportunities such as clinics and camps. 

Q: Are boys and girls lacrosse different? What are the rules of girls lacrosse? What are the rules of boys lacrosse?
A: Yes, boys and girls lacrosse are different! Girls lacrosse rules can be found HERE (scroll down for a rules interpretation video). Boys lacrosse rules can be found HERE. Recreational teams follow the youth rules; some rule adaptations are made at younger levels.

Q: What equipment is needed for girls lacrosse?
Required equipment consists of a girls lacrosse stick, goggles, and a colored mouthguard (without a strap). Cleats are highly encouraged, especially in the older divisions. Click HERE for more details. Be sure to get a GIRLS lacrosse stick.

For beginners, check out the Under Armor Futures Mesh Complete Lacrosse Stick, the Nike Arise LT on AL 600 Lacrosse stick or the STX Girl's Crux 100 Lacrosse Starter Pack.

For intermediate/advanced players, check out the STX Exult 300 on 7075 Complete Lacrosse Package (great for players starting the sport in middle school), the STX Crux 300 or 500, or the STX Fortress 300 or 600 (specially designed for defenders)

Q: What equipment is needed for boys lacrosse?
Required equipment consists of a boys lacrosse stick, helmet, mouthguard, shoulder pads, rib pads, arm pads and gloves. Click HERE for more details.

Q: My child has never played before, can she/he sign up?
A: DEFINITELY! Lacrosse is a growing sport and youth of all ages are picking it up for the first time.  Our recreation programs and clinics are great places for your child to start, even if she/he is in 8th grade -- it is never too late to learn!