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COVID Procedures



1.    You must complete the NCLA ticket to play each time you come out. See link below.  Please check your players temperature, and complete the form prior to arriving to the clinic site. 

2.    Please have your players arrive 15-20  minutes prior to their session.

3.    Once you exit your vehicle, players, parents/guardians, and coaches must wear a facemask/covering

4.    Players shall check in at the registration tent each session.  Parents may accompany the player, but everyone must remain 6 feet apart.  Please be mindful of others.  Please leave the check in area immediately after successful check in

5.    Attendance will be taken each session to allow for contact tracing if/when needed. Temperature checks will be administered to, coaches, and administrators at each session. Parent will take players temperatures at home and provide a signed “Ticket to Play”

6.    If you child feels ill during the clinic, we will notify the parent immediately and have the child leave. We will ask that you chart a path for your player to return to play once you are non-symptomatic.

7.    Upon arrival at the playing site after checking in, players are asked to put their equipment next to one of the cones on the sidelines

8.    We may have more than one age group on the field at a time. Players will remain with their designated age groups.  We are limiting the number of players to the limits mandated by the current NC requirements minus two for coaching staff.

9.    Parents/guardians and spectators may watch from the sidelines but must maintain safe social distancing from non-family members

10. Players should bring their own water bottle to the sidelines and shall not share water with anyone else. Water bottles should be full enough for the entire session.  NCLA will not provide water as in past programs. Players should write their name on their water bottle

11. Players and coaches will take the field once check-ins are completed.

  • Once coaches call players onto the field to begin play, facemasks can be removed and left at your water bottle/cone. Players are not required to wear a facemask while playing, but can do so if they choose.
  • Once play concludes players are required to wear their facemasks again.

12. In the event that any player, their sibling or parent/guardian tests positive for Covid-19, you should contact your county health department immediately. The county will manage any contact tracing, and NCLA will partner with them on any follow up activities as required.